Friday, April 18, 2008

A "Marshall Plan For the Climate" To Avoid the Ecological Crash

In the context of an interview about her new book 2030: The Ecological Crash, French environmentalist Geneviève Ferone said:
Money must absolutely be injected in a unequivocal, willful and, probably, permanent manner during 20 years to develop clean technologies. Clean technologies must not be the apanage of rich industrialized countries. The economic launch of emerging countries must also be with technologies that are clean, therefore ways of life and distribution of wealth that is equitable. If we do not become conscious of this major stake, we will hit a will. I tell myself that the survival instinct will kick in. The question is knowing at what moment. For countries of the South, the survival instinct is getting out of poverty. In developed countries, such as ours, we are realizing that purchasing power is eroding, that growth will slow down, that the cost of basic commodities will become more and more expensive, that the weather is going haywire, that biodiversity is diminishing... Maybe the next step will be to tell ourselves: "Let's put all our political will and all our investments in the economy in a growth that will be a clean growth." That doesn't mean going back to live in grottos and caves, not at all. But I think it really is time to invent a 4th industrial era."


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